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Was the Halifax Explosion Important?

Was the Halifax Explosion Important?

This year for my Heritage Fair Project, I decided to research the Halifax Explosion. I chose this topic mainly because it caught my eye when I found out that this was a Canadian explosion during WWI and the largest man made explosion before the Hiroshima. I became very curious to learn how the explosion happened (in the shores of Halifax and Dartmouth) and the impact it had on Canadian History. As I started to research the topic further I soon realized that Halifax had a great memorable story to tell. This story is so important because not only were lives shattered and families destroyed, but there were great stories of survival, kindness, compassion, and medical advances that are still talked about today.

Why is your topic important to the history of Canada?

Not only was it the biggest tragedy experienced in Canadian soil, but it also taught many what it is like to help others during difficult times, how to continue living, and it brought advances into the medical profession.

Why should Canadians today be interested in your topic?

Canadians should be interested because it may have touched one of their ancestors. The explosion is now a Canadian Legacy. It touched many lives, and it still teaches us today that kindness is free and it saves lives.