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Kingston Penitentiary

Brayden's project Kingston Penitentiary
Brayden's project Kingston Penitentiary


My project shares the history of Kingston Penitentiary from the day it opened in 1835 to its closure in 2013.

Brayden received an award from Canada’s History at the Kingston Regional Fair held at Fort Henry Discovery Centre on May, 2013

What was the Impact of Kingston Penitentiary on Canadian History?

Kingston Penitentiary was the oldest prison in Canada. It opened its doors June 1, 1835.  Until it closed September 30, 2013 it was one of the oldest prisons in continuous use in the World. It held some of Canada’s most notorious prisoners including Paul Barnardo, Clifford Olsen and Russell Williams.

Why Should Canadians care about Kingston Penitentiary today?

You can learn a lot about the Canadian prison system and how it has changed by learning about the history of Kingston Penitentiary.  In the early days of the prison the punishments were very harsh and children were sent to the prison for very minor crimes such as stealing food because they were hungry. It makes us realize how lucky we are to live today rather than then.