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Ontario Provincial Virtual Heritage Fair

Welcome everyone to the2021 VIRTUAL ONTARIO PROVINCIAL HERITAGE FAIR!JUNE 15 - Hi everyone. Despite this very difficult pandemic year 2, OHFA held a number of Regional FairsCongratulations to everyone involved. We have received many excellent projects and we are now ready tolaunch our Virtual Provincial Fair on June 15th. We have a special 2021 Video, a scavenger hunt, and somefun activities and prizes. We hope you will join us online for this special event. Ø Fair projects are posted on our Website.Ø Fair Videos are posted to either our website or #OurSharedStories. The 2021 Ontario Provincial Fair will include the following: 1. OHFA Virtual Fair held on June 15. 2. On June 15 you are able to watch a special 2021 Celebration Video that captures some of the projectsubmissions from the 2021 Regional Fairs. It will include interviews and photos and lots of projectimages! 3. On June 15 you are able to participate in our special Scavenger Hunt (June 15th – June 19). This huntis based on the 2021 projects and Canadian history stories. There will be prizes. 4. On June 15 you can view some excellent museum, archives, and historic houses exhibits and tours.There will be several links on the website and you can click on them to visit your favourite historycultural institutions and museums. There are lots of new tours and exhibits to explore. Thank youOHFA Executive *The Provincial Virtual Fair features the Kingston Regional Fair Winning Projects and the OHFA site will feature this Fair throughout the summer and early fall.