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Illustrated Historical Fiction Contest

Kayak Kids' Illustrated History ChallengeStart writing your exciting Canadian History tale and enter it into the KRHF Contest. The award is open to Canadian kids between the ages of 7 and 14. Students are invited to create their own illustrated story based on any element of Canada’s past they find of interest. The deadline to submit your story to this year's contest is April 5, 2017.Stories should be between 500–1200 words in length and should include 1–3 illustrations or archival photographs to accompany the story. Comic Strip formats are eligible; students should keep in mind a 5-page comic typically entails 500 words. Stories can be written in either English or French.Stories will be evaluated by a panel of judges on the following basis:Creativity and originalityContent and story compositionGrammar, spelling and quality of writingUse of illustrations to support the storyLesson Plan and Rubric Contest Poster