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Claymation Workshop A Complete Success

The Activity Room at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning was a buzz with the sounds and sights of engaged students from grades 6 – 8 as they created scenes to be part of a video that will be showcased at the C is for Canada segment of the Kingston Canadian Film Festival at the Baby Grand Theatre on February 28th and at the Kingston Regional Heritage Fair on May 12, 2016.The Kingston Regional Heritage Fair (KRHF) through a grant from the City of Kingston Sesquicentennial Heritage Grant and in collaboration with the Kingston Canadian Film Festival and local schools and school boards offered the workshop facilitated by experts Kathy Shultz and Jason Nobrega.  Students explored the world of stop-motion claymation, and developed characters, scenery, props, using construction paper, colouring materials and plasticine.  Kathy and Jason introduced the students to a range of techniques for capturing their sculptural subjects using readily accessible technology such as tablets and digital cameras.  KRHF is hoping this introductory workshop will create interest in the national Young Citizens program.  Students can find out more about the Young Citizens program by visiting the Young Citizen page at and/or emailing us at to indicate their interest in learning more about the program. The KRHF will choose three Young Citizens (two English and one French) in 2016 to represent them in this program. Workshops in Historical Storytelling through Film and Video Techniques will be offered to help potential Young Citizens create their 3-4 minute videos about Kingston. Participants attending the C is for Canada program will be able to view a 2015 Kingston Young Citizen's video. Evan's video is posted on Canada's History website and Evan also presented it at the Ontario Provincial Heritage Fair in Toronto this past June. Claymation Workshop Photos - February 26 Coverage