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Kingston Regional Heritage Fair

7 mai 2015 8:30am–4:30pm

Over  150 students will come together at Duncan McArthur Hall, Queen's University to share their projects on an aspect of Canadian history. That project can tell a personal/family story or focus on something of local, provincial or national importance.

Participation in the Heritage Fair is an enjoyable way for students to explore an aspect of history of which they, otherwise, may not have the chance to learn. Researching and presenting a project not only enhances knowledge of history on a personal, local and national level, but helps students develop skills in many areas of the curriculum.

The Heritage Fairs Program is a multi-media initiative developed to increase public awareness and interest in Canadian history. The Kingston Regional Heritage Fair offers students the opportunity to explore the many aspects of their Canadian heritage in a dynamic learning environment and to present the results of their efforts in either French or English in a public exhibition. The program is non-competitive in nature, with an emphasis on the importance of the learning process and the exchange of ideas.

Throughout the day students will have their projects adjudicated with winners declared in over 20 different categories.

In adddition to interacting with other Heritage Fair participants and sharing their projects, students will participate in a series of workshops that are designed to help them enahnce the learning that took place in conceiveing and creating their projects. Several community groups and organizations with a historical or cultural emphasis take part in Community Street and offer students an opportunity to discovere more about their community and how those groups and organizations, and the stories they tell, helped shaped Canada.