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Kingston Regional Heritage Fair 2023

The Kingston Regional Heritage Fair  will hold its 2023 Fair at the Queen’s University Faculty of Education on May 12, 2023.  Please mark this date in your calendar.

The National Heritage Fairs Program was developed in 1993 to increase public awareness and interest in Canadian History. Kingston Regional Heritage Fair (KRHF) is the oldest heritage fair in Ontario, and one of the oldest in the country. Each year we invite students in Grades 4-8 to submit original research projects on the
subject of family, local, provincial, or national heritage topics. These projects, which can be presented in either English or French, are adjudicated by community volunteers, and are eligible for a wide array of prizes and honors. KRHF, in partnership with local museums and heritage organizations, also offers interactive
Heritage workshops and activities that your whole class can enjoy! We hope you will join us this year for KRHF 2023, Connections: Local History in a Broader Context!

Informal Confirmation of Interest: ASAP
Official School Registration: February 3, 2023
(includes estimate of student participants)
Project #s Allotted to Schools: March 3, 2023
(The # of student projects from your class which can
compete at the regional level)
Have your School Fair!
Online Student Project Registration: April 11-17,
Submission of Project and Forms: May 1, 2023
Regional Fair: May 12, 2023