Kingston Regional Heritage Fair 2021

What is the Heritage Fair? 


The Heritage Fairs Program is a national program that was developed in 1993 to encourage public awareness and interest in History. Students are encouraged to use the medium of their choice to tell stories about Canadian heroes and legends, Canadian achievements and challenges, as well as personal stories of Canadian interest, and to present the results of their efforts, in either French or English, in a public exhibition. The program is non-competitive in nature, with an emphasis on the importance of the learning process and the exchange of ideas. The Kingston Regional Heritage Fair (KRHF) also offers ineractive workshops for students on the subjects of local heritage, pluralism, handicraft, historical scholarship, and topical events. 


KRHF 2021: Resilence

The theme of our 25th Fair is: “Resilience.” Research Projects developed around this theme may be considered for additional honours. Due to the unprecedented circumstances this year, KRHF will, for the very first time be ENTIRELY VIRTUALRegistering your class for the Fair will entitle you to: spots for your student’s projects in the adjudicated Research Fair, student eligibility for prizes and honours, and access to our selection of interactive virtual Heritage workshops. Additional educational opportunities, such as the Young Citizens program or the Kayak Illustrated Story Challenge, can be entered independently or done with the assistance of KRHF.